eISBN: 9781682991572

A Killer Like Me

by Chuck Hustmyre

A gruesome serial killer calling himself the Lamb of God is stalking the streets of New Orleans and leaving a trail of blood and terror, but city officials, still reeling from the effects of a devastating hurricane the year before and desperate to reboot the tourism business that is the lifeblood of the city, refuse to acknowledge that the murders are connected and deny homicide detective Sean Murphy the resources he needs for a proper investigation. So Murphy sets out to stop the killer the best way he knows how, by getting inside the killer's head, thinking the way the killer thinks and anticipating the killer's next move. But thinking like a madman is a dangerous game that can have unintended and deadly consequences.

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About the author Chuck Hustmyre

CHUCK HUSTMYRE is a bestselling author of fiction and nonfiction books and a screenwriter. He wrote the Lionsgate movies "House of the Rising Sun" and "End of the Gun." Before embarking on a full-time writing career, Chuck spent 20 years in law enforcement, specializing in violent crime, drug, and fugitive investigations. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent most of his law enforcement career in New Orleans. He...

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