Bruce Hartman

Bruce Hartman lives with his wife in Philadelphia. He has worked as a pianist, music teacher, bookseller and attorney and has been writing fiction for many years. His latest novel, BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU!, is a satirical comic dystopia set in a future in which the all-powerful force of Big Data rules humanity through the Internet of Things and the corporate power of Goozle Inc. The book is intended to be fun. To quote Groucho Marx: "Humor is reason gone mad."

BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU! follows on the success of the comic satire, A BUTTERFLY IN PHILADELPHIA, which has garnered a following on Amazon, recently reaching No. 3 on the paid best-seller list for literary satire. Jack Magnus of Readers' Favorite Book Reviews called it "one of the strange comic masterpieces that you're quite lucky to run across once in a very great while."

Bruce Hartman's other books have been mysteries. His first novel, PERFECTLY HEALTHY MAN DROPS DEAD, won the Salvo Press Mystery Novel Award and was published by Salvo Press in 2008. His second book, THE RULES OF DREAMING, was published by Swallow Tail Press in May 2013. Kirkus Reviews, in awarding it the Kirkus Star for Books of Exceptional Merit, called it "a mind-bending marriage of ambitious literary theory and classic murder mystery." Kirkus selected the book as one of its "Top 100 Indie Books of 2013." Another mystery, THE MUSE OF VIOLENCE, was also published in 2013.

THE PHILOSOPHICAL DETECTIVE was published in 2014, featuring the iconic Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges wrestling with an extraordinary series of crimes and the equally baffling conundrums of literature and philosophy, including Zeno's paradoxes, the mind/body problem, and the mysteries of destiny, personal identity and artistic creation.