Martha Fawcett

Martha Fawcett is founder and honorary curator of Martha Fawcett Archives. Just before she was born, Jana Nova, Executive Director of the Janaforma Clearinghouse Project, brought the Gathering's attention to her waiting potential. Jana Nova described Martha as if her achievements were a fait acompli. "She was lively, a curious artist, a person with an excellent imagination and acute receptive skills."

Martha was born an Aquarian in the heart of the American Midwest. Growing up in Tiffin, Ohio, in the middle of the Twentieth Century, it was a hotbed of "Alien Invasion" stories, rumors about "Area 51," and tales of a mysterious race of humanoids called, "The Grays." With the powerful genetic influence of the Fawcett storytellers in her blood, Martha became a writer of science fiction. Shortly after we introduced ourselves to her, she offered to help us disseminate the Janaforma message to Humanity.

Many Janaforma individuals took an interest in educating her. It took years to teach her the various planetary languages and for her to fully understand the Janaforma concept of Community. Our relationship with Martha has not been strictly a one-way street. Through her, we have learned much about how Humans view the universe and the seminal denial they soon will carry with them into the stars. Meanwhile, we continue to work with her through the Martha Fawcett Archives and trust that our message will find a way into your hearts.