eISBN: 9781627934084

Danny Boy

by Henry Hack

When homicide detective Daniel Boyland investigates his first big murder case, the poisoning death of school teacher Laura Samuels, he falls in love with the chief murder suspect, Niki Wells, with disastrous results. By cleverly manipulating the forensic evidence and witness testimony, Niki and co-suspect Marty Samuels (Laura’s husband), frame Danny for the murder. His struggle to prove his innocence and reclaim his family and career push the story to its conclusion. But there’s a big problem. He still loves her. Or does he? And she still loves him. Or does she just want to tie up her last “loose end” and enjoy the good life with her ill-gotten insurance money? Danny Boy delivers a fast-paced mystery wrapped around a torrid love affair that will keep the reader in suspense all the way to its conclusion.

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About the author Henry Hack

Henry Hack is a lifelong New Yorker from Queens. He served 22 years in the Nassau County, NY Police Department including 10 years in the Police Laboratory where he was qualified as an expert witness in several forensic fields including blood, narcotics and trace evidence. He was the Lab's commanding officer for three years and also commanded the Eighth Precinct in the Patrol Division. He resides on Long Island and...

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